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Report: Mixed opinion on LeFevour

Posted by Chris Brown on March 24, 2010 – 12:26 pm

Dan LeFevour’s pro day didn’t draw unanimous positive reviews from those talent evaluators in attendance at Central Michigan today. That according to the TFY Draft Insider. Here’s their report.

Opinions are mixed on the throwing workout of quarterback Dan LeFevour.  His short and intermediate passes were solid but LeFevour struggled throwing the ball downfield.  Receivers were slowing up in their routes to catch the ball and in some instances out-running LeFevour’s deep passes altogether.  One of the participants told us LeFevour had been throwing the ball well in the practices leading up to the pro-day workout and may have been a little too pumped up once the lights went on for pro-day.

The only part of that report that doesn’t add up is the last sentence. If LeFevour was too pumped up I would think he’d be overthrowing receivers because his adrenaline would be pumping. Either way this was a critical day for LeFevour since he chose not to throw at the combine. He stated he wanted to throw to receivers that he was familiar with and “put the best product out there.”

Judging from this report it’s hard to say that he did.

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