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A darkhorse team for McNabb

Posted by Chris Brown on March 25, 2010 – 12:50 pm

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio was the first to report that the Eagles were listening to trade offers for all three of their quarterbacks six weeks ago. Now with the story resurfacing at the owners meetings, Paolantonio says there’s one team that no one is mentioning that could very well make a deal happen.

Appearing on ESPN radio, Paolantonio said the person pulling the strings in the whole Donovan McNabb situation has been the Eagles head coach.

“I think Andy Reid has controlled this process from the beginning,” said Paolantonio. “The Eagles have been getting calls for all three quarterbacks and have been entertaining those offers and listening for about six weeks. The fact that Andy Reid said it publicly at the owners’ meetings is just pulling the cover back a messy situation that they’ve gotten themselves into.”

Paolantonio doesn’t see how at this point the Eagles can bring McNabb back as the starter in 2010 in light of how everything has shaken out. 

“They have put Donovan McNabb in a really untenable position where he can’t possibly succeed in 2010 for the Philadelphia Eagles,” said Paolantonio. “First, he wanted an extension and they didn’t give it to him, and now they might be trying to trade him and may not. How can you try to trade a guy who has no extension beyond this year? You’ve made him the lamest of lame duck quarterbacks. You’ve alienated McNabb. You’ve undermined his authority to lead the team in the locker room. I think going forward if they don’t trade him they’re going to be opening themselves up to all sorts of ridicule and lots of second guessing.”

Paolantonio reiterated the teams that were in the hunt for McNabb’s services, those being the St. Louis Rams, Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos (a team he said that’s now out of it), Cleveland (now out of it too). Then he also mentioned Arizona and Minnesota as possibilities as well as a darkhorse team.

“There’s one team in this that nobody is talking about and that’s the San Francisco 49ers,” he said. “They have the 13th and 16th pick in the first round and Mike Singletary wants to win that division and believes that he can do it now. I think the 49ers are a team that is worth investigating.”

Paolantonio also stated that the Eagles have to have this situation resolved by the time the draft is over being of the belief that bringing him back after all this brouhaha about being open to moving him.

“They’ve got a month to figure it out,” he said.

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