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Lions trade means DT at 2

Posted by Chris Brown on April 5, 2010 – 12:23 pm

There was a growing fear among the teams drafting near the bottom half of the top 10 in this month’s draft that Detroit could start the run on offensive tackles early at second overall if they chose to take an offensive tackle over one of the more heralded DTs in Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy. That concern appears to be a moot point after the Lions trade with Seattle.

The Lions acquisition of G Rob Sims for a fifth-round pick, likely means Detroit will in fact go with whichever of the top two DTs they like better, now that they’ve shored up  their offensive line with Sims. There was some thought that Detroit might take Russell Okung second and move their left tackle Jeff Backus inside to left guard.

That would’ve ensured the Bills would be holding the bag at nine for an offensive tackle because if Detroit took an OT, Washington (4th), Kansas City (5th), Seattle (6th) and Oakland (8th) all in need of tackle would’ve scooped up the remaining three among them.

At this point the Bills could still be on the outside looking in at one of the top four OTs if Washington, KC, Seattle and Oakland all take one of the top four (Okung, Bulaga, Davis, Williams). Here’s hoping that Seattle takes a QB (Clausen?) or Oakland does something goofy.

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