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Kiper “hearing” no Clausen for Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on April 7, 2010 – 11:10 am

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper was asked on a national conference call with McNabb now in Washington how that would affect where Jimmy Clausen might come off the board. Kiper doesn’t see Clausen winding up with the Bills, and not because he’ll necessarily be unavailable.

“With the Redskins making the move for McNabb, there’s obviously an impact on Jimmy (Clausen),” Kiper said. “It’s going to be interesting to see where he’s going to go because nobody has a real feel for it right now. I have him going to Oakland at 8, but I still think Seattle is a possibility at 6.

“I’ve heard no to several teams, particularly Buffalo. I’ve heard no to Buffalo (for Clausen). So you’ve got to go with what you hear. I have NOT heard no to Oakland so I have him going there. I have NOT heard totally no to Seattle. I’ve heard from different people I’ve spoken to that I shouldn’t count him out for Seattle at 6.”

“Jimmy is going to be a very interesting guy to watch.If he gets down to 17 though then the slide could really start and he becomes Aaron Rodgers or Brady Quinn all over again because he’ll get into the 20’s.” 

Clausen’s pro day is scheduled for Friday in South Bend as he’s been forced to wait for his right big toe to heal from surgery after his junior season. But Kiper doesn’t think he has to do anything special.

“He just has to show he’s completely recovered from the toe,” said Kiper. “Similar to Bradford’s situation with the shoulder.”

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