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What extra day of draft affords

Posted by Chris Brown on April 15, 2010 – 1:00 pm

With only the first round taking place on day one (or evening one) of this year’s NFL draft, just what might be the advantages to NFL clubs with some down time between the two most valuable rounds of the draft?

ESPN’s Mel Kiper weighed in on the subject. 

“They’re preparing for the final exam a little longer,” said Kiper. “They get more time to re-evaluate, to make calls, check on players, check with agents, do more due diligence in terms of whether there might be issues with players they’re considering. The extra time between round one and two will benefit the teams in terms of their decisions on players.”

Personally, I think it caters to the potential for more trades in the early rounds. Having seen how the first round unfolded with plenty of time to assess where it might be headed when round two starts about half a day later, teams can more capably and carefully develop strategies for round two and beyond because they have the time. So I think more draft day deals could happen with more time to work the phones knowing the other 31 NFL clubs aren’t engrossed with the clock ticking on the draft.

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