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Gruden, Jaws both big on Clausen

Posted by Chris Brown on April 16, 2010 – 6:55 am

In a recent national conference call ESPN Monday Night Football analysts Jon Gruden and Ron Jaworski were both effusive in their praise of Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen.

Gruden likes how advanced Clausen’s game is considering he’s an underclassman.

“His football pedigree is probably as good as any three-year junior that has come out in a long time, Gruden said. “He understands progressions. He understands situational football, and he understands NFL passing concepts. He’s done it under center and he’s done it all…

“What I really like about Jimmy is that he is a tough guy.  A lot of guys would have gone on IR or sat out with that toe injury. It wasn’t just turf toe, there was ligament damage in there, and it was a painful injury. I really liked that he played through it.

“More importantly I like that he brings his football back every Saturday…And he plays his best football in the fourth quarter when the games are tight or they’re behind.” 

Jaworski’s take was similar, but in the whole pool of QBs this year, Jaws feels Clausen is the most NFL ready.

“His collegiate game translates very well to the NFL…His game certainly is polished right now to the point where his game projects to being a quick player in the NFL. Of all the quarterbacks I’ve studied, he’s probably the most ready to step in,” said Jaworski.

“When you watch him play, Jon (Gruden) said it, the ability to bring a team back, and he wants the ball in his hands. He’s Lebron James, he’s Michael Jordan. With the game on the line he wants to make the difference in the football game. He clearly to me projects to be an outstanding NFL quarterback and I think he’s only scratched the surface.”

High praise from those in the know, which is why I don’t see Clausen making it to the Bills at nine. He’s very likely to be gone before then.

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