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Lombardi: Bills will have QB by end of night

Posted by Chris Brown on April 22, 2010 – 2:57 pm

National Football Post and NFL Network analyst Michael Lombardi is making a pretty bold statement with respect to the Bills regarding what they’ll have on their roster by the end of day one of the draft.

In his Diner Morning News column, Lombardi cited a high ranking NFL source stating that the Bills will have a new signal caller on their roster by the time Thursday night is over. Here’s the excerpt.

Someone high ranking in the NFL told me Buffalo will have a quarterback before the first round is over tomorrow. Not sure who it will be but, the Bills will have one.

So Lombardi is of the belief that Buffalo will make a move to acquire a QB, be it at nine or from trading up into the bottom of round one to get one or via trade to acquire a veteran already on another NFL roster.

Knowing how tough it can be to find a willing trade partner and how tough it can be to swing a deal for a quarterback it’s a pretty bold statement to make.

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