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Nix: Expecting more trade talk

Posted by Chris Brown on April 23, 2010 – 10:35 am

Bills GM Buddy Nix in an exclusive interview with admitted there wasn’t much talk with other NFL teams when the Bills were on the clock at nine, but he’s anticipating there will be a lot more chatter on the phone lines here on day two.

“There was a little (dialogue) with us and of course we’re open to anything, any suggestions or any offers that may come, but there wasn’t a lot at nine,” said Nix. “We had a chance to move up a couple of times, one spot (to 8), but we didn’t see any need for that. I think there will be probably more today.”

Nix doesn’t expect his phone to ringing as much as St. Louis’ phone, but he’s expecting some calls. Nix has been in the Rams’ position before, when the Chargers had the first pick in the second round in 2001. The Chargers ultimately took QB Drew Brees.

“I’ve been in that position before where we had the first pick,” Nix told “You kind of control everybody else when you’ve got that.”

With additional time between rounds one and two there will be more time to get potential deals done.

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