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Trading around not Nix’s style

Posted by Chris Brown on April 23, 2010 – 10:28 pm

There were a bevy of trades in round two of the NFL draft on Friday, but the Bills weren’t a part of the wheeling and dealing. That’s not to say they didn’t try, but according to Buddy Nix jumping around the draft board is not something he’s going to partake in without very, very good cause.

“We’re not much about moving (up or down),” said Nix. “To move just to be moving, some of those guys I don’t know how they know where the hell they draft. If we know we’re going to gain an advantage we’ll do it, but otherwise we’ll just stay there and get us a good player.”

Nix was poking fun at some of the other trade heavy teams like New England and Philadelphia who consistently jockey their way up and down the draft boards seemingly every year. The Patriots (6) and Eagles (7) made 13 trades between on day two of the draft alone.

Whether the Bills choose to make a move in round four to get a player they covet remains to be seen.

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