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Troup’s fellow 2nd rd. DTs

Posted by Chris Brown on April 23, 2010 – 7:45 pm

Torell Troup was Buffalo’s 2nd round pick, but there were a handful of other DTs that came off the board in round two as well. And the reviews of each of those picks were interesting to say the least.

3(35) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brian Price DT UCLA
  What he brings: Price moves very well for his size and the potential to become a disruptive upfield run defender. He can also make an impact rushing the passer, though he’s never going to put up huge sack numbers. The concern is that he must put forth a more consistent work ethic on and off the field.

9 (41) What he brings: Troup has the potential to become an excellent nose tackle in a base three-man front. The 6-foot-2½ lineman has a low center of gravity and he can get under opposing offensive linemen, and he is big and strong enough to hold his own when teams run at him.

12(44) Oakland Raiders (from Jacksonville through New England) Lamarr Houston DT Texas
  What he brings: Houston turned a lot of heads with a strong showing in the BCS championship game. He is quick for his size and shows good strength at the point of attack. Although he lacks great closing speed, he is relentless in pursuit and rushing the passer.

14(46) NY Giants Linval Joseph DT East Carolina
  What he brings: Joseph doesn’t have great explosiveness and he needs to learn to play lower, but he has above-average athletic ability for a 328-pound defensive tackle prospect. His upside alone makes him a good value here.

24(56) Green Bay Packers Michael Neal DT Purdue
  What he brings: Green Bay got excellent value yesterday in OT Bryan Bulaga, but the Packers clearly reached to get Neal. He has some problems anchoring when teams run at him and he is too much of a straight-line pass-rusher. However, he does have enough initial quickness and uppe-rbody strength to develop into a disruptive defensive lineman.

25(57) Baltimore Ravens Terrence Cody DT Alabama
  What he brings: Cody has the bulk and athletic ability of an elite nose tackle prospect. The problem is his stamina. He wears down far too quickly and needs to be rotated out of the game frequently.

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