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Why no Clausen at 41

Posted by Chris Brown on April 23, 2010 – 10:22 pm

Bills GM Buddy Nix was asked about the decision making process by he and the Bills brass at pick 41 and why Jimmy Clausen was not taken by Buffalo at that point in time.

“How come we didn’t take him,” asked Nix rhetorically. “He was there (at 41), and he was there at 42, 43. We did (talk about it).

“We’ve got a lot of needs guys. We’ve got three quarterbacks that have got talent, that we don’t know. All the physical stuff you see, they can play. Now they’ve got to prove to us whether they can or not, not what they have done. We’ve got (0ther) positions where we don’t have three that we can count on.

“In the draft you can only take one each pick. We’re in a position where they should give us about three, but they won’t do that. You say well we haven’t addressed the offensive line yet, but again we want to take a guy we know can come in and help us and if he can’t then we’re going to go to another guy. If you take a guy that can’t play then you’ve compounded the problem because now you’ve got two that can’t play.”

It was clear that Bills even if they had a second round grade on Clausen were not interested in taking him and much the same can presumably be said about Colt McCoy, who they passed on again in round three. Buffalo feels they have three QBs that are at the very least capable. Saying that about some positions on the defensive side of the ball in their new 3-4 scheme appears to be a different story with the selections of Troup and Carrington.

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