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Everett update

Posted by Chris Brown on April 29, 2010 – 9:22 am

Some Bills fans have asked about former TE Kevin Everett and how he’s faring these days. A program called ‘Athlete 360’ is providing an update.

It’s proven difficult for a lot of Time Warner Cable subscribers to find the program, but there is a way to see the entire episode containing Everett online. Just go to the listing on this page and click on the watch link for the Everett episode. The series is based out of the TIRR Memorial Hermann hospital in Houston where Everett was initially transferred after leaving Millard Fillmore Gates Circle hospital in Buffalo.

There really isn’t a lot of new information as most of the program goes through the 2007 injury, but he does mention how he lives with pain every day throughout his body. He is still deciding what it is he wants to do with the rest of his life. Still I know a lot of Bills fans are interested in finding out what is new with Everett. So the episode delves a bit into his personal life.

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