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Fan Friday 4-30

Posted by Chris Brown on April 30, 2010 – 12:34 pm

Well the 2010 draft is in the rearview mirror and the Bills really got some good talent for their D-line in Troup and Carrington. I like those guys a lot. Spiller is a difference maker. Be nice to strike a little fear in opponents. Some good depth players too.
In any event let’s see what’s on your mind on the heels of the draft. ( for questions).

1 – Hey Chris,
Do you think buffalo bills send their 2nd rd pick (2011) to baltimore for gaither after not getting a premier NFL ready LT in the draft?? He’s young some experience 2nd yr.

CB: There’s no debating that Gaither is talented and young. Here’s what I think happens with the Bills and their left tackle situation. I believe Buffalo’s talent evaluators will assess the talent on hand and see how they perform on the field through minicamps and OTAs this spring. If they feel they need to upgrade I believe they will. Currently there are two tackles with experience that I see worthy of pursuing.

One is Gaither and the other is New Orleans’ Jammal Brown. Granted Brown is coming off an injury, but provided he checks out, I would look at both of them as options. A second or possibly a third rounder in 2011 could get it done.

2 – With the addition of Chad Jackson what do you see happening with Roscoe Parrish? I mean Chad is a return man with a lot of speed and a lot of the same qualities Parrish has. I know its been talked about before, but with the Bills having Evans, Hardy, Steve Johnson, and now Chad Jackson do you see the Bills trading Parrish and maybe get a draft pick out of him?

-Long Island-

CB: I don’t see Parrish being moved. I think he finally has an offensive coordinator (Gailey) that will come up with a way to maximize his talents at the receiver position on offense. I anticipate him getting a lot more snaps in the slot, especially with Josh Reed gone. They’ll use him in motion a lot too. Think about Parrish and Spiller in the two slots in a four wide look. Man I like the sound of that. Chad Jackson in my opinion is nowhere near the return man that Roscoe is. Roscoe’s biggest competition is going to be Spiller in the return game.

3 – I see Dallas released there left tackle Flozell Adams. Is he worth pursuing by the Bills?

Jeff Johnson

CB: For some reason I just don’t see the Bills pursuing a player that at best is a one-year stop gap. I could be wrong, but I think Buffalo is building this team in such a way where they’re looking for long term answers especially at a position like left tackle.

4 – Hey Chris,
Thanks for all your great coverage of the draft. I’m sure you’ll be getting plenty of questions about the O-line, but that obviously seems to be the biggest concern for us fans as of right now. I am assuming that left guard through right tackle is pretty much set at Levitre, Hangartner, Wood and Green. My question is do you think Bell goes in as the starting left tackle right now? I know Nix said he has to be, but he didn’t seem completely convinced. Do you think Wang or Jamon Meredith (who I thought was decent last year) have any chance of displacing Bell?

CB: Personally I think it will be an open competition. We’ll get a better sense of just how healthy Bell is coming off the knee injury when OTAs start up. It’s his job to lose because he’s the incumbent, but I do think Meredith will give him a good run. Andre Ramsey is also in that mix and Wang is a dark horse, who I think will need some development in the end. As I said earlier based on coaching and front office evaluations a play for a Gaither or Jammal Brown I do not think is out of the question yet.

Another possible option that’s out there is Levitre possibly kicking out to tackle, but with so many other young options right now, I anticipate the staff will sift through those first.

5 – Chris,
With Chan saying he likes big receivers on the edges – might we see Evans spend some time in the slot?  I could see that causing some serious matchup problems for a defense.
CB: With Chan Gailey I would rule nothing out. Buffalo has added some receivers with size, both in the draft and free agency. Too often we’ve seen Lee Evans facing bracket coverage and taken away as a weapon. I believe Gailey, knowing the playmaker that Evans is would do whatever he can to put him in a playmaking position. It could just mean moving him around more, or it could very well mean more time in the slot. We shall see.

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