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Schobel tops in playmaking

Posted by Chris Brown on May 10, 2010 – 10:39 am

Bills DE Aaron Schobel still hasn’t decided whether he’s going to continue his playing career in 2010, but he might be interested to know that AdvancedNFLStats has found among defensive ends he had the best playmaking ability in 2009.

AdvancedNFLStats creates new models that go beyond just sacks and tackles or other commonly used figures to provide a more accurate gauge of a player’s effectiveness on the field.

Without getting into a whole comprehensive breakdown, basically what AdvancedNFLStats did was develop a statistic called WPA or positive win probability added and EPA or positive expected points added.

“+WPA” and “+EPA” add up the value of every sack, interception, pass defense, forced fumble or recovery, and every tackle or assist that results in a setback for the offense.

What these stats measure is playmaking ability.

At the defensive end position Schobel ranked number one in the league for 2009. His WPA was an impressive 2.08. No other defensive end cracked 2, with Washington’s Andre Carter the next closest at 1.89.

In the EPA category, Schobel ranked second to Minnesota’s Jared Allen. Allen had plays with positive expected points added (EPA) 71.3% of the time. Schobel was second at 63.1%.

Of course in the traditional categories, Schobel ranked tied for seventh in the NFL in sacks, tied for fifth in sack yards, fifth in tackles for loss and tied for second in interceptions in 2009.

But for those that believe because he’s 250 pounds that he can’t hold up against the run, you’re wrong, and these numbers prove it. Here’s the list of top 15 performers at defensive end under these indices.

94-A.Schobel BUF
99-A.Carter WAS
69-J.Allen MIN
91-W.Smith NO
91-R.Edwards MIN
94-R.Starks MIA
96-A.Brown CHI 
99-B.Keisel PIT
58-T.Cole PHI 17
90-M.Williams HST 
93-D.Freeney IND
91-J.Tuck NYG 15
91-R.Geathers CIN
94-A.Smith HST
92-S.Ellis NYJ

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