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Byrd second again in re-vote

Posted by Chris Brown on May 12, 2010 – 1:42 pm

The unprecedented re-vote for AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year wound up being a fruitless pursuit.

Houston LB Brian Cushing, who tested positive for a banned substance last September, prompted the Associated Press to correctly conduct a re-vote for the award, but in the end the 50 voters re-voted in favor of Cushing anyway.

Cushing got 18 of the 50 votes, exactly half of the support he got in the original vote (36). Bills safety Jairus Byrd was again second more than doubling his vote count from 6 to 13. Green Bay LB Clay Matthews was third with 10 votes.

My only guess was those voters who voted again for Cushing, like’s Don Banks and Houston Texans beat writer John McClain, did so in protest of the re-vote. Reading some of the columns from some of the writers who had votes, it sounded as if several felt the re-opening the voting was a slippery slope, and didn’t see the situation as any different than that of Julius Peppers or Shawne Merriman, who tested positive shortly after winning awards.

So that unfortunately took precendence over the real issue, which the AP tried to address. That being that a player whose performance on the field was enhanced by illegal substances had an unfair advantage in accumulating statistics that would make him worthy for such an award.

It’s too bad. They missed an opportunity to make a statement against performance enhancing substances, that they all freely decry in their columns. This would’ve had a bigger impact in my opinion.

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