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Poz’s playmaking right up there

Posted by Chris Brown on May 12, 2010 – 10:29 am

On Monday we showed how AdvancedNFLStats determined playmaking ability through new statistical models that measure WPA or positive win probability added and EPA or positive expected points added. Aaron Schobel and Kyle Williams were both among the best at their respective positions for the 2009 regular season. Buffalo’s middle and soon to be inside linebacker fared well at his position too.

“+WPA” and “+EPA” add up the value of every sack, interception, pass defense, forced fumble or recovery, and every tackle or assist that results in a setback for the offense. What these stats measure ultimately is playmaking ability.

Paul Posluszny (2.00) had the second highest WPA among linebackers for the 2009 regular season with only Lamarr Woodley (2.10)faring better than him.

In positive expected points added per game, Poz ranked third overall among linebackers finishing behind only Carolina’s Thomas Davis and Houston’s Brian Cushing.

Here’s the top 15 list of linebackers for this playmaking statistic. Not a bad showing by Pittsburgh linebackers with all four of their starters in the top 15 (Woodley, Harrison, Timmons and Farrior). It’s encouraging knowing Buffalo is moving to that scheme as well.  

56-L.Woodley PIT
51-P.Posluszny BUF
51-J.Vilma NO
52-D.Harris NYJ
52-P.Willis SF
92-J.Harrison PIT 
52-J.Beason CAR
52-R.Lewis BLT
59-L.Fletcher WAS
55-C.Session IND
58-G.Brackett IND
54-Ge.Hayes TB
94-L.Timmons PIT
93-A.Spencer DAL
51-J.Farrior PIT

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