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Fan Friday 5-14

Posted by Chris Brown on May 14, 2010 – 1:32 pm

OTAs are fast approaching and you fans have some roster questions. As always to submit questions. Let’s get to it.

1 – Chris:
 I think the switch to a 3-4 could be good w/ the bills personnel. I think Ellis and Maybin should be outside LBs in a 3-4. I think Kyle Williams, Spencer Johnson and John McCargo could be DE in this line up?
Your thoughts or what you’ve heard about these guys playing these spots.

CB: Well Chris Ellis and Aaron Maybin both lined up at OLB in the rookie minicamp. I thought Ellis showed improvement as the practices wore on. Still it will be an adjustment for both of them. Come training camp though they should both have their bearings with the new responsibilities there.

Kyle Williams I see primarily as a nose tackle, but I could see them kicking him out to end in certain down and distance situations. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s used as a three technique DT in a 4-3 passing down look either. I anticipate the defense to be more of a hybrid 3-4 than a true 3-4.

Spencer Johnson will be primarily an end as will John McCargo. At least that’s the plan going in. I think Johnson is a good fit on the edge.

2 – Chris,
Many fans suspect that Brohm may become the starting QB and would like an update on his status?
Could you provide some insight into where Brohm currently fits in?
If the Qb competition is truly “open” then Brohm should no longer be considered the third string QB.
As always, many thanks for all your work!
Go Bills!
Brendan F. Walsh

CB: I think it is truly a level playing field for Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brohm. Chan Gailey even responded to my question about Levi Brown being in the mix as having a legitimate chance. Gailey doesn’t harbor any favoritism for any of these veteran signal callers because he inherited them. He didn’t choose them to be on this roster.

Therefore I think he can truly be open-minded and objective and let their performance make the decision for him and his staff. The QB that performs the most effectively and consistently will win the job. So although Edwards and Fitzpatrick might have more NFL experience than Brohm (1 career start), he will have every opportunity to compete.

In fact I anticipate that the reps will be pretty equal between those three with Brown likely seeing fewer reps, particularly with the first unit.


3 – Hi Chris,
What is the latest news on Eric Wood? If Brain Brohm manages to snag the starting QB job, does Wood move inside to Center because they played together in College?

CB: Eric is still not ready to participate in on field workouts, though there is an outside chance that he could do some work in late June. He will be full go for training camp, which is most important barring any setbacks.

Your question regarding his familiarity with Brohm is an interesting one. However, it appears as though they’d prefer to leave Wood at guard and Hangartner as the starting man in the pivot.

4 – Chris,

I was wondering what actually happened during the Bills voluntary workouts. More specific, did the QB’s workout like the draft prospects?

Alan, A.K.A. BuffaloGeek; A.K.A. Hardcorebillsfan

CB: If you’re referring to the offseason conditioning workouts the quarterbacks have been participating on a pretty regular basis. Brohm, Edwards and Fitzpatrick were all here doing classroom work with the playbook, weight room work and on field conditioning. They also do walk through work with respect to the offense with teammates.

If you’re referring to the recent rookie minicamp, only first and second-year players could participate with the rookies as it was explained to me. Brohm is a second-year player, which is why he was allowed to practice. Edwards and Fitzpatrick were not eligible to participate.



5 – Chris,
What are the Bill’s plans with Chris Kelsay this year? I don’t see him getting on the field as a OLB.
I though his best move would have been to put on some weight and move to end in the 3-4.
He is one of the highest paid players on the team and not a top option at LB.

CB: You might not see Kelsay as a 3-4 OLB, but the Bills do. I anticipate he’ll be on the strong side when he lines up in OTAs. So you know Kelsay played some OLB in college at Nebraska, so it’s not something that’s completely foreign to him.

I don’t know if Kelsay is someone you want to write off before seeing him on the field first. There aren’t many players on Buffalo’s roster as focused and determined as that guy when it comes to a challenge like a position switch.

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