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Fan Friday 5-21

Posted by Chris Brown on May 21, 2010 – 11:59 am

OTAs are coming up next week. Let’s get to your questions (

1 – Chris,
I keep hearing from different articles that Nix said: “Everybody we drafted we had graded higher than we drafted them, other than Spiller.”  If Spiller wasn’t graded higher than where we drafted them, where was he graded, and why didn’t we take the higher graded player?
State College, PA

Spiller was drafted right where the Bills had him on their board, and if there was a player on their board that they had ranked higher than Spiller they would’ve taken him at nine. Obviously there wasn’t any such player at that point in time.
2 – Chris,
Any chance you see any free agents being brought in to fill in some holes and add competition (i.e. Flozell Adams, Marc Bulger)?  I’m getting a little tired of the Bills handing positions to players without strong enough internal competition.  I love Demetrius Bell’s potential but an established veteran can possibly push him to start and teach him a lot. 

Same thing for our relatively young quarterback crew, Marc Bulger can compete and help teach the young guys.  I’d be in favor of proceeding with the Dolphins rebuilding approach after their 1 -15 season, bring in lots of bodies for lots of competition.  They don’t have to be big names but I’d like to see more competition especially with this new group of coaches and many positions up for grabs.  What do you think of this strategy and any potential signings?

Albany, NY

CB: I don’t see Flozell Adams or Marc Bulger coming in, but I wouldn’t be shocked if there’s a trade in the summer for a veteran. I think the Bills coaching staff is going to evaluate what they have through the month of June with numerous OTA and minicamp practices.

If they feel they don’t really have a viable answer at a position they’ll add competition for training camp. However, if they feel they’ve got a young player that can improve as the season wears on, they’re not going to bring in a veteran to start for a year to jeopardize that development.

This team is approaching this rebuilding effort from a ground up perspective. They don’t want to plug too many holes with aging vets.
3 – I have been pleased with the signings of Green, Edwards and especially Davis.  It seems that there is still a need for a veteran interior OL to provide depth and insurance for Wood.  There are three UFA’s still out there that would seem to fit the need, two with ties to coaches/ management.  They would be OG Keydrick Vincent, OG Mike Goff and C/OG Ben Hamilton.  Do you see the Bills having an interest in any of these options?
Gregg from Atlanta

CB: I don’t think they’re looking for a veteran guard as a backup because I think they’re envisioning Kirk Chambers for such a role. I think this staff sees him as a valuable reserve guard option.

Seventh-round pick Kyle Calloway fits into that category as well. Other players they’re looking at for reserve guard roles include 2009 practice squaders Andre Ramsey and Jason Watkins. 

4 – Do you think Brian Brohm will have a serious shot at being the Bills starter for 2010/2011 season? I watched a video when he was drafted and most of the analysts had him being a better prospect than Aaron Rogers… that is before Aaron Rogers became a starter in GB. I think he has the most potential than all the QB’s in Buffalo. What are your thoughts??


CB: I think in terms of untapped potential I would agree. Brohm has only started one career game in the NFL so the book on him is still largely an unknown, especially considering he ran a watered down game plan with the offense being new to him in that Atlanta game.

He’ll be given every opportunity to win the starting job, but Chan Gailey is going to make the opportunities for each of the three veteran QBs as even as possible. Personally I think Trent Edwards is the most physically talented QBs of those three. If Edwards gets his decision making and accuracy back to where it was before things went wrong in 2009, I believe Trent wins the job. 

5 – Hey Chris, I had a question – what will the Bills offensive line look like next year?

CB: I believe it will start left to right like this, provided there are no other additions made by way of trade or free agency. Meredith, Levitre, Hangartner, Wood, Green. I wonder about Bell coming around from knee surgery in time to really convince the Bills staff he can handle the job. If Bell comes back fine then he’s probably the left tackle.

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