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Gailey’s expertise noticed early

Posted by Chris Brown on May 26, 2010 – 8:21 am

While this may be the first week that the majority of the roster is on the field for the first time, several of the players have been at One Bills Drive for most of the last two months participating in the offseason conditioning program and studying the new offensive and defensive schemes in the classroom. In particular the offensive players have had the opportunity to get a feel for Chan Gailey as an offensive mind. To a man they’re coming away impressed.

Gailey’s offenses through the years have consistently scored points, something sorely needed with Buffalo’s recent history. Trent Edwards already sees how that might change for the better under Gailey as he’s had time to see how his head coach’s offensive approach works.

“The thing I like most about Chan right now is I’ve never been around a guy that’s very conscientious of what offensive plays set up other plays,” said Edwards. “You’ll talk to him about that, and he’s doing a lot of motion and shifting trying to disguise on certain plays so it doesn’t look like the same play to the defense. That’s nice (to see) as a quarterback.

“You’re sitting there talking to him and he understands certain formations we run are a lot of the same plays and some coordinators get pretty basic and pretty predictable. And I feel like Chan isn’t going to be that predictable. You’re kind of keeping the defense off balance and that’s nice as a quarterback to have.”

Just listening to the quarterbacks you can tell they are confident that their head coach, who is also their offensive coordinator, is going to have moves and counter moves for opposing defenses this season.

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