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Defensive scheme more complex

Posted by Chris Brown on May 28, 2010 – 6:03 am

In speaking with a lot of the defensive players the past few days, to say that Buffalo’s new defensive scheme is more complex would be an understatement.

Coming from the Tampa 2 system to the new 3-4 under defensive coordinator George Edwards it’s pretty clear that the Bills will have a lot more to throw at their opponents this season and the players could not be happier.

“In the coverage it’s a lot of better,” said Donte Whitner. “We previously played the Tampa 2 and it’s just spot dropping and breaking on the football. Now everything that we do basically turns into man.

“No matter what coverage we’re playing, we don’t play regular cover two. There might be a spot here and there, but we’re doing so much now. We’ve put more in the last two days than we had in our playbook the entire season last year. We’re putting in about eight different defenses a day, so we’re up to 24 or 25 now before we return on Tuesday.” 

Whitner and his defensive teammates like what they’ve seen and heard from Edwards and believe they’ll have an opportunity to dictate play more to their opponent instead of reacting.

“Coach Edwards really understands what we have to do in terms of downs and situations and putting players in position to make plays and get teams in third and long so we can play with these teams and have some fun,” Whitner said. “That’s what we’ve been working on straight out the gate. He said he’s not going to slow down with his installs. We welcome it. It’s been fun so far. We’ll see where it goes.”

After the first week of OTAs it’s hard not to think that this year’s defense will be far more dynamic. Defensive backs have been making a ton of plays on the ball this first week and Donte believes it’s the byproduct of simply playing a lot more man coverage, something that the DBs on this team are more than capable of handling, but never had the chance to do much of in the past.

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