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Offense helping defense

Posted by Chris Brown on May 28, 2010 – 11:08 am

Chan Gailey’s offenses are known for having a ton of shifts and motions. And it’s a well known fact that it often puts more pressure on a defense to get properly aligned to defend it pre-snap. Right now in OTAs it’s serving to help the Bills defense get their ducks in a row.

“We’re installing a bunch of defenses every day and a lot of the terminology carries over to another call and a lot of them will be the same words and the same kind of verbiage,” said Andra Davis. “So it’s kind of tricky especially when our offense does so much movement and stuff it makes you think. It makes you be more verbal. The more verbal we are as a defense getting the right calls out, the easier it is when the play starts.”

So Buffalo’s offense is forcing its defense to communicate quickly and effectively before the snap during team work. That kind of pressure now will only help come September.

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