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Torbor has no ill will for Miami

Posted by Chris Brown on June 7, 2010 – 10:13 am

Reggie Torbor is more happy to be a Buffalo Bill than he is bothered about being released by the Miami Dolphins.

In an exclusive one-on-one interview with, Torbor when asked about whether he had any hard feelings about his Miami release made it clear that he understands how the NFL works sometimes.

“It’s a business and things happen and I’m not the first guy to get released and I won’t be the last,” Torbor told “They make decisions for whatever reason they have to. Guys get released all the time. I’m starting over. I’m not worried about them. What they do is their business now and I’m a Buffalo Bills and I’m ready to get started.”

Torbor knows he’s likely to get the chance to play against his former team twice this season, though he was unaware the opener is against the Dolphins in Ralph Wilson Stadium. He’ll be practicing Tuesday with his new Bills teammates when OTAs resume.

“I’ll take in as much as I can this evening and learn as much as I can on the field tomorrow,” he said.

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