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Schobel decision not til Sept?

Posted by Chris Brown on June 10, 2010 – 3:18 pm

With the news Thursday that Aaron Schobel is leaning toward retirement, I’m not thinking it’s an indication that a final decision is imminent.

Sure Schobel might just grow tired of wondering if he’s going to get the itch to play and may just make it official and retire in the near future. However, it just doesn’t seem that at any point it has been, or will be, that cut and dry.

In my phone conversation with Schobel he made one other interesting comment to me. He said.

“If September rolls around and Buffalo wants me then maybe I’ll play, but I doubt it.”

The fact that Schobel is even thinking about September seems to indicate that he’s at this point at least entertaining the thought of playing.

It’s pretty clear though that Schobel is unlikely to be on hand for mandatory minicamp in two weeks and probably training camp as well.

The time when all of this is likely to come to a head is the time between the end of the preseason and the start of the regular season. That’s when the team has to make their final roster decisions and Schobel will need to contact the club in some fashion to reach a resolution about his situation.

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