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Fan Friday 6-18

Posted by Chris Brown on June 18, 2010 – 10:29 am

Only a week left of spring practices and then the layoff before training camp. On to your questions (

1 – Chris,
I think James Hardy has a very good chance to become the 2nd receiver to Lee Evans. He has all the physical tools to succeed and with his tall, lanky frame is the only WR with those attributes. The question is can he put in the necessary work of running route and reading defenses? What do you think?

Schenectady, NY
CB: James Hardy is very much a part of the competition for the #2 WR position. He will get legitimate competition however, from draft classmate Steve Johnson and rookie fourth-round pick Marcus Easley. Easley has flashed a very strong set of hands and has a knack for turning in big plays through the spring practices. Hardy has made plays here and there as has Johnson. We’ll know more when the pads go on in training camp when the game gets more physical, but Easley is known as a physical wideout. His youth will not be the deficiency that some might think it would be in a competition like this.

2 – Chris,

Have the Bills examined the Idea of moving Eric Wood back to his natural position of Center? Especially coming off of his injury, it might be a faster way to get him back. It’s not like Hangartner was a Pro-Bowl caliber player last year and if my memory serves me correctly, Wood was Brohm’s Center at Louisville, so they already has chemistry. I’ve been waiting for a dominant center ever since we picked Mccargo instead of Mangold. 

Line would look like this…  Bell, Levitre, Wood, Green, Meredith….Thanks!

CB: I get the sense that the Bills offensive staff believes he can help them the most at guard. Plus they are heavily invested in Geoff Hangartner after signing him as a free agent in the 2009 offseason. Your Brohm chemistry point is valid, but to maintain continuity last year for an offensive line that had none of it last season, leaving him at right guard is probably the best move.

3 – Hey Chris, 

With all the talk of trading Lynch and how they won’t get good compensation for a pro bowl back, why not just trade jackson instead?   His value seems to be at an all time high coming off of a solid season in 09 and the speed/power combination of spiller and lynch should be something special.  Just a though as we could definitely use some more draft picks or a LT.
Brett in the hot and sunny AK

CB: I think trading Jackson is absolutely crazy. The man put up the sixth best all-purpose yardage season in NFL history last season with over 2,500 yards. On a team desperate for as much playmaking talent as possible it would be insane to move Jackson.

4 – Chris,

In reading Donte’s comment on the different type of training they are experiencing, and the much more rigorous work outs, do you believe they are on the right track? The last three years were unreal with all the injuries. I remember making a comment to you a couple seasons ago that I thought something had to be going on with their training methods to produce so many injuries. Your comment was that I may be on to something. The Bills have had a very good team as starters each year going in but were hampered regularly with replacement players. Do you think this will be a break out year even though they are rookied up.

Also do you think they can learn this system well enough by mid season to make a strong finishing run to the play offs?

Jim from Chattanooga TN
CB: I think Donte said it all. He said the difference between the training last year and this year is like night and day. Donte feels it will make them more physically resistant to injury. I think the greatest this strength and conditioning staff will have on this team is stamina and endurance. There were several games and leads that were lost in the fourth quarter last year because this team simply wasn’t fit enough. That will not be the case this year. The 2010 Bills will have a lot more left in the tank come the fourth quarter.

5 – Hi Chris,
I was thinking back to the last three years and I think one of our biggest problems was that the offence was too predictable and I realize last year the line was also a big factor (and I honestly expect them to be better this year because they will be used to playing together) on first and second downs we ran it and third down were shotgun plays and we didn’t utilize enough people I think they should use a highly rotational offence meaning using a bunch of different personal combinations like 1 play have lee evans, lynch, and james hardy then on the next play c.j. spiller, roscoe parish shawn nelson and klopfenstein and I was wondering what you thought of what you have seen from the offence so far in ota’s. thank you.

CB: The offense is really in its infancy here in the spring and with a quarterback competition going on as well, it doesn’t cater to developing continuity early. Despite that I think you can bank on Chan Gailey’s offense being extremely multiple. His offense doesn’t have a distinct approach to it and that’s on purpose. There are an endless number of pre-snap shifts and motions and personnel groupings change almost as much. I think for the first time in a long time the Bills coaching staff has one of the better offensive minds in the league.

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