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Former Bill reps retired players

Posted by Chris Brown on July 15, 2010 – 12:02 pm

Former Bills LB Cornelius Bennett has taken on an important role on behalf of retired NFL players.

Named Chairman of the NFLPA’s former player board of directors, Bennett has been sitting in on all of the CBA meetings between the league and the players union.

He doesn’t have a vote, but he does have a voice in the meetings, which he plans to use in helping to ensure that former players are properly compensated with respect to health insurance benefits.

“The one thing that’s certain is that former players’ benefits have to be improved, both pension and health care,” Bennett said in a telephone interview this week. “That’s my No. 1 fight — to make sure we get something out of the deal, and not just a token.

“I feel we deserve something because of our legacy,” Bennett told the Alabama Press-Register. “We’ve helped make this an $8 billion industry and growing.”

Bennett believes those former players that need the most help are those that played prior to the breakthrough CBA agreement in 1993 that brought the advent of free agency where players really started to make big money.

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