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Fan Friday 7-16

Posted by Chris Brown on July 16, 2010 – 1:01 pm

We’re inching closer to training camp. Only 12 days until the players report. Here’s our latest edition of Fan Friday (

1 –  Alright Chris, 
Last year around this time i sent you an email asking you if the Bills were going to take shots down the field with the new addition of Owens. You emailed me back saying that they would and I think a majority of people would have agreed with you.  But even with Owens, I once again had to suffer through a lot of dink and dunk passing.  I just want to ask you what the Bills offense can do to open up the passing game.  Is it going to be another “dink and dunk” 2010 season for the Bills?
Eric, Hamburg

CB: The reason down the field passing didn’t happen last year was because it simply couldn’t. With the offensive line unable to consistently protect, due to inexperience, injuries and other issues, there was no time for routes to develop and quarterbacks to have enough time to make such plays in most cases. Not making excuses. If you don’t have time you can’t make those plays happen.

And the case is the same this season. The protection has to be consistent and improve if you want more downfield plays.

2 – Hi Chris, now that Marshawn Lynch has reported, this may now open up some new possibilities for Chan Gailey. For instance, do you think that the Bills will pound defenses with Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch, and use C.J. Spiller as a change of pace back. If the line blocks well, this could be a dangerous backfield. They could use a ball control attack, bring the defense in to respect the run, and then take their shots downfield. Even though their receivers outside of Lee Evans and Roscoe Parrish, are mostly inexperienced, they have enough talent to really hurt some defenses. Your thoughts.

Tony, Daytona Beach, Fl

CB: I think the possibilities are endless for Gailey with the personnel you’ve listed and that’s what makes it so exciting. What’s more is Gailey has mentioned more than once the receiving abilities of all three of those backs as he believes he can design plays where they’re thrown the ball as much as they’re handed it. And those routes likely won’t take a lot of time to develop, which means the QB is getting the ball out quickly, which lessens the demand on consistent pass protection, which was an issue last year and could be again this year. The Bills have an offensive mind that will make things work regardless of where deficiencies might lie.

3 – Hi Chris,
I’ve heard so much about the pending lockout next March if no new CBA is reached, however I have not heard what will happen to next year’s draft if that takes place, will there still be a 2011 draft?


Colorado Springs, CO

CB: As I understand it there would still be a 2011 draft. I think the only question is when it would take place based on the expiration of the current CBA.

4 – I have read up on coach Gailey he’s a very experienced coach and he’s very good with making offences work so I do think we will be better then what most people expect this year but I want to know what your thoughts are on his ability to build this franchise into a super bowl contender in years two three or four.


CB: What’s most encouraging to me about the state of this franchise is they have two chief decision makers in Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix that are committed to a plan as to how to build this team and it’s for the long haul. They are going to methodically add the pieces to this roster that they believe will make the Bills a contender for the long term, not the short term. Yes, it requires more patience on the part of fans and I admit that’s hard with as patient and loyal as you fans have been. However, I am supremely confident that these guys at the top know how to build a program into a winner in time.

5 – Hey Chris,
Is there any chance that when Bell comes back that Meredith keeps the starting LT position or will Chan and co just give it back to Bell? I’m a big Meredith fan and watched him close last yr and he seemed to play real well. IMO he is gonna be a stud OT in the NFL and I hope he has a real chance to start and isn’t just playing “Fill IN”. Do you have any inside info on this subject???

Thanks Jay

CB: Bell is the incumbent and I think he’ll have every opportunity to win the job, but Meredith will be real competition. One thing to keep an eye on is if Bell comes back from his knee rehab and doesn’t miss a beat, don’t be surprised if you see Meredith as stiff competition for vet Cornell Green for the starting right tackle job. He looks like a natural right tackle and it wouldn’t shock me if he eventually supplants Green.

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