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Posted by Chris Brown on July 18, 2010 – 9:08 pm

So I’m just back from a family vacation and as I’ve always found, running into a Bills Backer is never difficult no matter where you are.

Most of our family vacations are on the East Coast (down south) and coming across transplanted Bills fans is pretty easy. On this trip however, we were fortunate enough to spend a week in South Lake Tahoe.

Being out west I didn’t even give a second thought to running into Bills fans. We were in Raiders and 49ers territory. But on just my third day of a week long vacay my family is sitting down for lunch at a local Italian restaurant in South Lake Tahoe. Our waitress could tell we were out of towners and asked us where we were from. When we said Buffalo her eyes lit up.

“You do not understand, I am the biggest Bills fan and it’s so hard to root for them out here all by myself,” she said.

After introducing herself, Katie explained how she moved out west a few years ago and always makes sure she works the restaurant’s bar on Sundays so she can watch the Bills games on the restaurant’s  TV. She faithfully wears her throwback Bills hat with the standing red buffalo and the local regulars call her “Buffalo” due to her unwavering allegiance.

Caught off guard I offered her the team’s 2010 pocket schedule from my wallet since it was all I had on me. She was appreciative and proceeded to give us a rundown of the places we should hit during our week in Tahoe.

“Just being from Buffalo you guys made my day,” she said.

So if you happen to be in South Lake Tahoe this fall and need to catch a Bills game, just stop in at Passaretti’s on Emerald Bay Road and ask for Katie O’Neil. Tell her you’re a Bills fan or from Buffalo and she’ll definitely get the game on for you.

I also recommend the ‘Joe Penne’ for lunch with sausage.

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