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Fan Friday 7-23

Posted by Chris Brown on July 23, 2010 – 11:50 am

Just a few days until players report to training camp with practices getting started Thursday. Football is back Bills fans. On to your questions (

1 – I would feel much more comfortable if the Bills considered adding a veteran OT (Left Tackle) and an additional interior lineman prior to the start of the season. Last season was a nightmare for the line and we haven’t significantly added any talent. Bell is often hurt and still appears to be a project. Once again the Bills are in a rebuilding mode but the offense has to be able to run the ball and protect the QB plus sustain drives to keep the Defense off the field.


CB: I wouldn’t be on a veteran left tackle being added, unless there’s an injury or Bell is not recovered enough to get through camp. There has been no indication to this point that the latter will be the case. As for an interior reserve lineman, I think that’s more likely. Knowing beyond Kirk Chambers there is a combined four games of NFL experience for the other seven reserve guard/center candidates it wouldn’t surprise me if they sought some veteran presence that’s out on the market.

2 – Hi Chris,

First of all thanks for keeping me occupied during the off-season with great articles. Now my question is whether Chan Gailey will be as good as hyped up to be. It seems as though most fans are excited because he has a pretty good record as offensive coordinator. However he hasn’t actually been a coordinator in the NFL since 2001, (the Chiefs job doesn’t count in my mind) and the game has definitely changed since then, are we being to optimistic or do you think he will still be capable of putting players in the rights situations to score points?


John, Buffalo

CB: I don’t dispute that the league has changed and is more pass heavy than it’s ever been, but that doesn’t mean you can throw out Gailey’s ability to adjust. When in Kansas City they switched to Tyler Thigpen at QB and he completely changed the offense on the fly to a spread attack and scored points doing that. When he had non-premier QBs like Jay Fielder and a first-year starter in 25-year old Kordell Stewart he scored points. I’m optimistic the boring offensive games of the past will be history.

3 – Chris,

I have been watching the Bills for about 20 years now and I have learned one thing from our failures at succeeding.  We can’t keep a coach on the field for more than a couple years. I was not a particular fan of last year’s coaching but I really like Gailey’s confidence and his past abilities.  Do you see Chan staying here for the long haul or is this another temporary fix.  It seems like we don’t keep a coach on long enough to let their master plan grow, yet we always see one side of the field excel ie) Defense.  Where do you see our coaching staff in 5 years? It will clearly take a few years to notice a change.

Dave ~ O.Park, NY

CB: It’s my hope that Gailey is here for the long haul. It’s clear that he and Buddy Nix want to go about rebuilding this team the right way, through the draft, with reasonably priced free agent additions that can fill in holes. That takes time, so hopefully they’re both in place for a good while knowing how important continuity is to success in the NFL.

4 – Hey Chris,
With so much talent at cornerback (McGee, McKelvin, Florence, Corner, Youboty, Sargeant, Lankster), and only so many roster spots at that position, is there any interest in trading one of the corners so that they don’t have to simply release them in roster cuts?  Baltimore in particular is hurting at the cornerback position, which appears to be the only thing to keep them from being an elite team.  Do you know if the possibility of trading an extra corner for a medium-to-high round draft pick or anything has ever come up?
-Chris, PA

CB: I wouldn’t rule it out, but as the saying goes, ‘You can never have too many cornerbacks.’ The injury bug has bit them hard at that position the past few years, so I’m not sure if parting with any of them is in their plans.

I respect your idea of trying to improve another area of the team by parting with a player from a position of strength, but I don’t know what moving one would get in return of any great value. Obviously it would depend on who you’re offering up. My suspicion is if Buddy Nix were looking to make a trade this late in the offseason, he’d be doing it with the thought of getting something to add to his team right now in the form of a player rather than a draft choice.

Of course if someone came to him with some draft choices in exchange for a player from a position of strength that would be a different story.

5 – Hey Chris – 

As important as Maybin’s development is to the function of the defense this year, I was wondering how he looked during spring and summer workouts so far.  How is he adapting to OLB?  Does he appear more comfortable in his second year?

David from Fairport

CB: Maybin looked confident in his new role, but he is still adjusting to the different reads in this scheme. I think we’ll be able to judge him more effectively when the pads are on in camp. But he certainly has the physical skill set to come off the edge and get in the offensive backfield.

I’m not sure they’re going to put much more on his plate than that, especially if Schobel does in fact retire. Part of the reason they acquired Reggie Torbor was to supplement Maybin’s abilities at that outside linebacker position.

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