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Projecting Spiller

Posted by Chris Brown on July 23, 2010 – 1:05 pm

One very dedicated NFL fan has taken the time to look over the contracts of the first round picks taken over the last three years and has subsequently projected what each of the first round draft choices will likely sign for this year in terms of guaranteed money.

On the website pigskinology, which is self described as ‘Where football, economics and mad science meet,’ the projections for guaranteed money along with an explanation as to how the numbers were reached is listed. Seeing that Dez Bryant was projected to get $8.174M guaranteed and according to reports got $8.3M, I’d say they’re pretty close to being on the money with these projections, no pun intended.

For what it’s worth C.J. Spiller is forecast to land close to $21 million in guaranteed money ($20,712,039.94). Gotta love how they’ve got it down to the cents.

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