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Hardy ready to perform

Posted by Chris Brown on July 30, 2010 – 1:48 pm

He’s been through a lot in terms of injury setbacks the last year or so, but James Hardy is healthy and off to a good start at training camp.

“We have an offensive-minded coach,” said Hardy. “We’ve never had that since I’ve been here. He likes to get the ball down the field. He likes big receivers, so everything is a plus on my end. But at the same time, injuries [have] not let me show my full abilities to him. That’s what I’m doing here in training camp, so he can get a feel of who James Hardy really is because last year no one really [saw] it.”

Hardy had a 35-yard touchdown catch on day one and is showing sharper route running through the first couple of practices. That’s thanks in large part to the extra route running training he did with former NFL WR Torrance Small down in New Orleans this offseason.

“He played for 10 years in the league,” Hardy told “He’s helped me with getting my hips low since he’s a taller receiver. All the things I had to learn before I tore my ACL I had to re-teach myself everything. It just has to be on a consistent basis, dropping the hips and just having quick feet. It’s something like you said the last two years I wasn’t able to work on this during the offseason. So it’s just getting myself prepared to do it on a consistent basis.”

Coach Gailey admitted Thursday that Hardy is right in the mix for the number two receiver role, and Hardy intends to make a run at it even though Steve Johnson currently holds it.

“That’s a good thing for all of us and may the best man win,” Hardy said of the #2 WR competition. “Whoever is starting in game one, not preseason, that’s the best man, so I’m working my hardest to make sure that’s me.”

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