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O-line identity explained

Posted by Chris Brown on July 30, 2010 – 1:29 pm

Training camp is where teams establish their identity, especially in year one under a new head coach, as is the case with the Bills. Bills center Geoff Hangartner provided a glimpse of that identity in the morning with his scrap with Aaron Maybin after the linebacker knocked the team’s leading rusher off his feet at the tail end of a run play.

“We’re trying to establish an identity on the O-line and taking care of our backs, and so it’s going to be physical and guys are going to have confrontations and that’s a part of football,” Hangartner said. “Any time you have a tussle or an altercation you always want your teammates to have your back. And if it was somebody else I would’ve jumped in there with them. I think it kind of builds team spirit.”

Maybin indicated that he knew what Hangartner’s reaction was all about.

“As teammates, you have no problem with something like that,” said Maybin. “Offensive players look out for each other, and exactly after it happened there were defensive guys that were sticking up for us. That’s just the nature of the game. You’re going to have guys stick up for each other but, truthfully, as a team that’s what you need. It’s never a positive thing to have a whole lot of fighting going on, but just the fact that there is camaraderie on the team and there is that willingness of guys to stick up for one another, that’s always a good thing.”

Hangartner reiterated that there are no hard feelings with Maybin and Maybin also said he wasn’t surprised how it escalated. Hangartner however, did admit to one mistake in deciding to take Maybin on.

“I picked kind of a bad time to do it though because it was the second play and I had six plays in a row and it really makes you winded so I was really tired for the next four plays,” he said chuckling.

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