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Jags pick close to deal

Posted by Chris Brown on August 1, 2010 – 10:10 pm

The Jaguars top draft pick Tyson Alualu is close to a deal with the club.

UPDATE: Apparently Alualu has agreed to a deal. That according to’s Jason LaCanfora. 

JasonLaCanfora Tyson Alualu wanted to take some family time tonight before signing anything, according to his agent, Ken Zuckerman. However, sources said.. Alualu’s financial parameters have been met on a 5 year, $28M deal, with $17.5M guaranteed. The Jaguars have announced Alualu has agreed to terms and team sources said that announcement was in fact correct and not a mistake or released prematurely. Never a dull moment, eh?

Even the Jaguars themselves are indicating that Alualu will be signed when he arrives at Jaguars camp Monday.

jaguarsinsider You can expect to see Tyson Alualu against friend Vince Manuwai in Oklahoma drill maybe as early as tomorrow night.

There were reports Sunday night that the deal was not yet done, but it appears that Alualu, who is reportedly taking a redeye flight from his native Hawaii to Jaguars camp will sign the deal Monday, meaning everyone taken off the board two picks before and two picks after will be signed to contracts, presumably making contract parameters pretty concrete for the Spiller camp. There also would only be six first-round picks left to sign.

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