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Bills react to Schobel parting

Posted by Chris Brown on August 2, 2010 – 12:48 pm

Some Bills players commented after practice this morning about the team’s decision to not have Aaron Schobel as a member of the roster in 2010.

DT Kyle Williams, one of Schobel’s two closest friends on the team understood it was a business decision by the club and admits he’ll miss him as a friend and teammate.

“Well, like Schobel’s always said, that’s the teams prerogative,” said Williams. “They wanted to move forward without him. He was OK with that. He saw that and he wanted to take his time with it, and they made their play. That’s what we’re going to work with and we’re going to play without him this year.

“I know this is a business and things tend to happen that you don’t expect. Like I said, we all know Schobel is a good player. There’s a lot of teams that would love to have him, but we don’t so we have to live with that.”

Meanwhile Aaron Maybin, who now carries the burden of picking up where Schobel left off as the linchpin on which the team’s pass rush hangs said he is ready to take on that responsibility, but realizes he has a long way to go to effectively fill those shoes.

“I believe that I am,” Maybin said. “Like I’ve been saying from day one, I have yet to prove myself in this league. I tell everybody that, and everybody on this team knows that and they know how hard I’m working and how bad I want this team to win and how bad I want to be a major contributor to that.

“So with this happening, it just means that it’s time for me to step it up and it’s time for me to really put myself in that position and that role for this team.”

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