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Why trading Schobel was unrealistic

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2010 – 2:56 pm

Some Bills fans are not exactly thrilled with the fact that Aaron Schobel was released without any compensation. The truth of the matter is that finding a trade partner for Schobel was next to impossible.

First and foremost, Schobel had four years left on his contract worth more than $27 million, including more than $6 million for 2010. No other NFL team was going to take that salary on and make a trade for a player that was and still is undecided about his playing future. No team would give up something for a player that might decide a week later that he’s going to retire.

Second, Schobel privately had made it clear that did not want to up and move his family to another NFL city and if he was to play in another city, wanted the option to fly home after games and not rejoin whatever team he played for until the following Wednesday. That type of arrangement wouldn’t go over well in too many locker rooms where he would be the new guy.

Finally, Schobel has commented that he’s not the player he once was athletically, which doesn’t exactly qualify as a convincing sell.

So in the end the Bills turned the page and did right by a player who gave his best every time the games counted.

Is it unfortunate that they couldn’t get compensation for a player of his caliber? Yes, but if he chooses to retire it’s a moot point anyway.

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