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1st game test even for vets

Posted by Chris Brown on August 13, 2010 – 7:37 am

Sure Buffalo’s veteran players have been through NFL preseasons before. They know what to expect in terms of the intensity going up a notch against a live NFL opponent. But they’re in the same boat as their rookie teammates when it comes to executing the team’s new offensive and defensive systems at game speed.

“We have to be able to build that team chemistry, get a feel for how our guys play within the scheme, how our guys play off each other, how different groups communicate, the different code words and signals to one another,” said safety George Wilson. “So there’s a lot of details to be worked out from game one all the way through game four of the preseason.”

It’s because of that very fact that the starters on both offense and defense are expected to play a bit more than the typical one or two series that most starters see in the first preseason game.

“I think guys expected to play more, not only because of the evaluation process, but also so that guys can become more familiar with the offensive and defensive schemes that are in place at the moment,” Wilson said. “So guys are definitely approaching it with great attitudes. We’re trying to be the best that we can possibly be and continue to progress and get better each and every week and get ready to start peaking around week one of the regular season.”

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