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Chan says put short passes on him

Posted by Chris Brown on August 17, 2010 – 1:29 pm

The Bills current quarterback atop the depth chart has been given a certain nickname by some fans that won’t be repeated here. But when asked about the short passes that have been thrown by Buffalo’s quarterbacks, head coach Chan Gailey said if you’re looking to point the finger you can point it at him.

Gailey was asked specifically about Trent Edwards and his decision making with respect to throwing downfield. The exact question that was asked was if he’d rather see Trent throwing downfield and make some mistakes in the preseason. Here was Gailey’s answer.

“No, I’d rather him make the right read. And I have to give him enough opportunities. If he checks it down, it’s not him, it’s me. If he throws it under four yards every time, we’re not doing the right things to get people open down the field,” said Gailey. “So I want him to make the right reads and go to the right place. And if we’re not getting people open, then we either have to get different people or we have to create better schemes to get those guys open.”

Gailey has also mentioned protection time and again as the key to creating downfield throwing opportunities as well. As the Bills head coach put it himself…

“Nobody can throw it laying on their back or running around for their life back there. So our protection has to get better.”

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