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Fan Friday 8-20

Posted by Chris Brown on August 20, 2010 – 2:31 pm

Here’s the latest edition.

On the heels of the preseason win over the Colts wanted to get to some of your most recent questions as well as some I’ve been meaning to get to. (

1 – Hey Chris,
Wondering how Marcus Stroud is feeling about sliding to end this year? I hear that he is slimmed down a bit.  I personally think he is going to be a beast out wide and am really excited to see what he can do this season playing in a 3-4.  Your thoughts?
Go Bills!
Adam (Los Angeles)

CB: Stroud is the fittest he’s ever been in his career. He’s hovering just under 300 right now, which works for where he’s going to be lining up this season. He’s excited about playing the five-technique or DE spot in the 3-4. Had a good showing against Indy with a tackle for loss. What we all have to remember is those spots up on the line in the 3-4 are not the glamor positions at all. They are often asked to stand there and grind with the linemen while the linebackers clean up behind them and make plays. That being said, I believe that him along with Kyle Williams and Dwan Edwards is a good front three in year one of a new scheme.

2 – It seems that the battle is between Edwards and Brohm. I think Brohm gives them the best chance to air the ball out due to Edwards being reluctant to go deep. Do you think this will sway Gailey’s decision? Do you think he would go with him if he believes Brohm will take more chances? Thanks again for your coverage.


Only Bills Fan in KY

CB: I respectfully disagree. Edwards has been more willing to push the ball downfield in the practice setting in training camp and followed through in the second preseason game against Indy. I think Brohm isn’t shy about going downfield either, but Edwards I believe is no longer under the shroud of conservative play that was pressed upon him by the previous coaching regime. And as for the only Bills in Kentucky signature, I think George Wilson, a Paducah native with family in the Bluegrass State would respectfully disagree with you.

3 – Hi Chris,

Thanks for all the great updates. Quick question, I didn’t see Shawn Nelson on the field last night versus the Colts.  Is he injured?



CB: You’re right he did not play in the Indy game, but as you know by now he was suspended by the league for the first four games of the regular season. He can still play and practice in the preseason. We’ll have to ask Chan on Saturday at camp why he did not even play.

4 – Chris, 

With Coach Gailey’s reputation for working with the talent he has, I was wondering how long it takes him to determine his players strengths and tailor his offense for them?   I imagine a lot of the ground work can be laid during practice, but I assume there is an amount of live game snaps to finally decide on strengths and weaknesses, probably a trial and error situation until he is finally comfortable with the type of play selection that will be used. 



CB: He’s told me that he and his staff use the preseason games to make final determinations. In fact with the three-headed monster in the offensive backfield, it was his intention to determine specific roles for Jackson, Lynch and Spiller based on how they performed and executed certain plays. That of course has been delayed by the Jackson and Lynch injuries, but that’s how he approaches it with every position. And if you think about it, do you really know until you see a player try and execute in live game conditions? His approach makes sense to me.

5 – Chris,

I know it’s still early in the preseason, but I see a long season.  But did you think there were any stand-outs in the games?  Do you think the Bills will go to free agency or trades to help the team or will they go with what they have and season them? 

John Supple

Lancaster, CA

CB:  I think you have to take into account a few things with respect to this season. First and foremost when NFL teams implement new schemes on offense, defense and special teams, no matter how much you rep it in practice it’s still not the same as in the games. Making those adjustments at game speed takes some getting used to, which is why most teams under a new coach are not wildly successful.

As Buddy Nix has stated, he is not a proponent of quick fixes in free agency unless it can make the team dramatically better. He believes in building through the draft. So I think despite the fact that there is a lot of talent on this team there are still holes. And those holes will be filled in a methodical fashion, not a quick fix fashion. I know patience is the last thing Bills fans have after 10 years of no playoffs, but rebuilding a team is a process, not a snap of the fingers.

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