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McGee feared the worst

Posted by Chris Brown on August 20, 2010 – 8:23 am

Much like a punt returner fearing being caught from behind by the punter to prevent him from scoring a touchdown, a similar thought ran through Terrence McGee’s head after his interception in Thursday night’s win over Indianapolis.

McGee returned a deflected Peyton Manning pass 78 yards for a touchdown, but he wasn’t so sure he was going the distance at the outset.

“Yes, I definitely was (worried),” said McGee. “At one point when I was running I saw QB Peyton [Manning] coming and I said ‘Oh my God, what if Peyton caught me,’ (laughing) but the guys were able to block him off and block everybody else off.”

Suffice to say if McGee, a cornerback, was caught from behind by a quarterback with the foot speed of Peyton Manning he would have never lived it down.

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