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Realistic TE options

Posted by Chris Brown on August 23, 2010 – 9:45 am

Here’s a look at the tight end landscape available to the Bills, which at this point in the offseason is pretty limited. Nevertheless here are some realistic options, though there are probably a few others that I have not been able to dig up.

Darnell Dinkins
(6’4″ 266) – last played for the Saints. At 33-years old he’s a player that would understand his role. Good technique sound blocker, short area receiver.

Casey Fitzsimmons (6’4″ 270) – last played for the Lions. The 29-year old is a sound fundamental blocker, good hands and a short to intermediate route runner. Can handle TE, FB, H-back roles. Classic utility player.

J.P. Foschi (6’3″ 265) – last played for the Bengals. The 28-year old is a better receiver than blocker. Good hands and short to intermediate route runner. Considered a wall off type blocker.

Michael Gaines (6’2″ 267) – most recently with the Texans. The former Bill is now 30, but still has good athleticism for a stocky build. Good power and strength on run blocking. Reliable receiver.

Sean Ryan (6’5″ 260) – was last with the Redskins this offseason. The Orchard Park native is more of a blocker than a pass catcher with a total of 26 receptions in a five-year career.

Jake Ballard
– (6’6″ 256) – played college ball at Ohio State and was recently released by the Giants after missing the majority of that club’s training camp with a hamstring injury. No word on his current health at this time.

Colin Peek – (6’6″ 255) – was recently released by the Falcons. Played college ball at Alabama after transferring from Georgia Tech. Played under Chan Gailey for the Yellow Jackets, but transferred when Gailey was replaced by Paul Johnson and triple option offense knowing it would be no place for a TE to flourish.

Andrew George – (6’3″ 247) – was most recently with Carolina. Played his college ball at BYU where he was the second TE behind Baltimore draft choice Dennis Pitta.

T.C. Drake – (6’5″ 248) – was undrafted signing of Kansas City, but released in the spring. Played his college ball at Kentucky.

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