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Maybin sees his game improving

Posted by Chris Brown on August 24, 2010 – 12:44 pm

Bills OLB Aaron Maybin believes he has made strides with his game in the team’s training camp.

“Without question,” he said. “Obviously, like I’ve been saying this whole time, I still feel like I have a long way to go. There’s still a lot I feel I have to improve on and all that kind of stuff. But as far as where I started at and where I’m at now, I feel great. I really think I’ve shown a lot of improvement.

“My coaches have said that they’ve been pleased with the improvement that I’ve shown and how much I’ve been able to learn. The key now is to keep building once we get back up to Buffalo.”

Maybin is still working on his counter moves to his speed rush and is still trying to shore up his coverage skills and run stopping skills to become more of an every down player.

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