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Brohm feels he did his best

Posted by Chris Brown on September 3, 2010 – 6:23 am

Brian Brohm got his last chance to make a final impression on the coaching staff and convince them that if he can’t be the starter that he should be the backup.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, who played more in the third preseason game looked sharp going 6-9 for 77 yards and a touchdown in his final outing. Brohm finished Thursday night 7-15 for 78 yards and an INT leading the team on a pair of field goal drives.

He finished the preseason 21-37 passing (56%) for 203 yards leading the offense to three field goals on 13 possessions.

“I like to think I did my best,” said Brohm. “Each and every play I went out there and tried to do the right thing. I felt like most of the time I made the right reads. There were a couple of throws I wish I could’ve made better. Other than that I think all the film is going to speak for itself right now and the coaches are going to make the decisions on what they feel is best for the team.”

“He did some good things and some bad things,” said Gailey. “I think I’m going to need to go and watch the film to get a truer evaluation of that. But he did some nice things. He scrambled great. It’s sort of sad when your quarterback is your leading rusher. He did a great job of scrambling and getting out of junk.”

Gailey criticized his second offensive line’s lack of effectiveness in blocking.

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