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Fan Friday 9-3

Posted by Chris Brown on September 3, 2010 – 12:15 pm

The final roster will be in place by Saturday evening. Remember the deadline is 6 pm. The practice squad will follow a day later. Here’s the latest edition.

1 – Chris – Is there an updated timetable on Ed Wangs’ return? Will he begin the season on the PUP list? It appears as though Demetrius Bell’s recovery is taking longer than expected and haven’t heard much on Wang since the start of camp.  Thanks.

Peter M. Trzybinski
CB: Wang returned to the practice setting this past week, but is limited with a giant club wrap on his left hand to protect his surgically repaired thumb. They’re simply trying to get him back into proper football conditioning after a one month layoff so when his thumb is ready, the rest of his body is in football shape.

He will not go on the PUP list because by rule he cannot. The only players eligible for the Reserve PUP list are the ones that did not participate in any training camp practices (e.g. Jon Corto). Wang did practice at the start of training camp, so he cannot be given that designation, which would make him ineligible for the first six games of the season.

Bell is moving along steadily in his recovery. He may not be able to get through a whole game at the start of the regular season, but there are still 10 days to get there. We’ll see how it plays out come Sept. 12.

2 – Hey Chris,

Do you think with the preseason emergence of C.J. Spiller the likelihood of a Marshawn  Lynch trade increases?

CB: I think Fred Jackson’s broken hand is a bigger factor than C.J. Spiller. But Bills GM Buddy Nix has maintained all along that they want Marshawn Lynch on their football team. With the amount of running that’s expected from this offense, having those three might prove to be a very wise move when all is said and done.

3 – I’m a big believer in constantly drilling situations, and was always disappointed that previous administrations didn’t do that to any great extent. 

Did Chan do much of that? How would you compare Chan’s attention to preparing the team for various situations relative to previous coaches?


CB: Every day Chan would spend time with his team in the training camp setting on a specific game situation, like what happens when a field goal is blocked and the ball is loose? Do you pick it up and run with it? Is it better to leave the ball alone until it’s called dead?

He did a 4th down go-for-it situation with the offense at the opponent’s 30-yard line and made the offense practice a hard count, while also coaching up the defense to not fall for the hard count, knowing there’s a likelihood that the offense simply calls timeout.

He had a different one of these every day in camp to school his players on the many different situations that come up in a game. Most teams go over a lot of those situations in their Saturday practices the day before games as well. I’d expect Gailey will be doing the same there as well.

4 – This may have already been brought up but any chance Bryan Scott plays LB in the 3-4? He played it some last year and did fairly well. We are so deep in the secondary and thinner at LB it may be a good idea. Thoughts??

Wes Dickson

CB: He will not play linebacker in the team’s base defense. However, he has been used as the second nickel linebacker next to Poz in the team’s nickel package. So ironically, he’ll see most of his playing time at the linebacker position this season.

5 – Hi Chris,
Can you explain how the players get paid? Do regular players get paid only during the regular season? How about the practice squad players? How do the new drafted & undrafted players get along if no pay until regular season. Keep up the good work.
Wayne from Virginia [fan since 1960]

CB: During training camp and the preseason all players on the roster are given a per diem by the team. It’s a set amount. Come Week 1 their regular contracted salary pay begins and runs through Week 17. For practice squad players there is a predetermined salary as part of the CBA, which is respectably less than the NFL minimum for a player on the 53-man roster.

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