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Hardy’s big play wiped out

Posted by Chris Brown on September 3, 2010 – 12:23 am

At some point or another the luck has to change for James Hardy. The wide receiver whose time on the field has been limited in the preseason by injury got his most extended time Thursday night, but his biggest play of the night went for naught.

“We were trying to give him a good chance,” said Gailey. “He’d been out so much. We were trying to make sure that he got as many opportunities as he could get.”

Hardy appeared to make the longest play of the night when he pulled in a tipped 65-yard pass from Levi Brown and then fought off another defender to reach the end zone for a 74-yard touchdown. Only problem was the play was negated by a holding penalty.

The receiver kept plugging away and late in the game was targeted twice in the end zone. A fade pass attempt by Brown was off the mark on 2nd-and-goal from the four-yard line. Then on 3rd-and-goal, Hardy ran a slant inside and Brown’s throw was not on the mark for his intended receiver. In fact it went the other way for a 102-yard touchdown return.

To his credit, Brown took the heat for the play.

“I thought I could’ve thrown the ball a lot better than I did tonight. I was really inaccurate on a few of them. The interception I had was just an awful throw. It was an easy throw and I could throw it 100 more times and hit it every time, but for some reason I just missed it. There were a couple like that where I missed and I shouldn’t have.”

Hardy finished with three catches for 23 yards. Still in all that touchdown catch is on tape whether it counted or not, and that might prove more important than the six points in the end.

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