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Cowher on Bills offense

Posted by Chris Brown on September 10, 2010 – 8:48 am

CBS NFL analyst Bill Cowher in a national conference call this week offered some pretty encouraging comments when asked how he sees the Bills offense developing under Chan Gailey as the season wears on.

“This is going to be a football team that’s going to try to establish the running game but I’m going to tell you he’s going to throw the football,” said Cowher. “Yes, he’s trying to build an offensive line, but the best thing you can do with a young offensive line and one that’s not established is run the football.

“So I think, again, this is going to be a football team that’s kind of in the process of trying to establish a mentality. I think they’re going to do that. But I will say this about Chan Gailey – he’s a master at being unpredictable. He will come up with a few wrinkles every week that will keep their team excited and it’s going to keep the defenses guessing with each team he place each week.

“He’s a very good signal caller. He’s  got a very good offensive game plan when he puts them together. I think this guy is going to utilize what he does best and he’s going to let Trent Edwards develop some confidence early in this season, and just take it from there. As Trent gets more comfortable he’ll open it up a little bit more.”

So although the Bills three-pronged rushing attack will figure prominently in Buffalo’s approach, Trent Edwards role could become more and more pronounced as the season moves along.

Interesting insight from a head coach that had Gailey as his offensive coordinator for four years.

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