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LB Davis knows Miami DC

Posted by Chris Brown on September 10, 2010 – 8:02 am

Yes, Bills LB Andra Davis knows Dolphins defensive coordinator Mike Nolan well after playing under him last season in Denver, but as far as what he can offer Buffalo’s offensive staff with respect to his scheme is limited.

“There might be certain little things in terms of formations, but it’s nothing that the film doesn’t already show,” said Davis.

Davis believes with a whole group of different personnel in Miami that Nolan’s scheme will be different.

“He did the best he could with the group he had out in Denver. In Miami it’s a whole new group,” Davis said. “When he was in San Francisco, they did it totally different than what we did (in Denver) because we’ve got different players and different personalities, so he had to switch stuff around.”

What Davis did say was that Nolan has a definitive style to his play calling.

“I think he’s very aggressive,” said Davis. “That was our mindset last year in Denver, to be aggressive. Other than that, he’s been in this league for a while. So, everybody knows he’s a really good coach. I expect him to be aggressive though.”

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