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Fan Friday 9-17

Posted by Chris Brown on September 17, 2010 – 1:29 pm

Week 1 in the rearview mirror. Time to get ready for a big test in Green Bay. On to your questions (

1 – Hi Chris, What is your take on the Bills’ receiver situation? Do you think that David Nelson is a diamond in the rough? What about Steve Johnson being the number two receiver?

Tony, Daytona Beach, Fl

CB: Steve is locked in as the number two, but I think come season’s end that Roscoe Parrish will have more production. He’s more experienced and often runs routes that are more high percentage throws for the offense.

David Nelson has been impressive since the spring. He rarely drops a pass and has a silky smooth nature to his game. He glides more than he runs. For a guy that’s 6’5” he gets in and out of his routes very well. He’s already part of the team’s four wide set. It’ll be enjoyable to watch his game develop.

2 – Hi Chris,

My question is about Trent Edwards.  Since he is in a contract year do you think he will be re-signed or do you think he will have to play out the year and then the bills will look at resigning him or going another option after evaluating him?


CB: I believe the year will have to play itself out before contract is discussed. The only thing that changes that is if Trent lights it up in the first half of the season and the team wins some games over some quality opponents.

3 – Who is going to be the primary kick returner?  I’d love to see McKelvin back there since he’s a hume run threat every time he gets the ball but is his leg ready for it.

Jeff Zier

CB: Chan Gailey has said that the kick return role will be rotated through the course of the season. One will be chosen for each particular game this season. In Week 1 it was Spiller, but he only had one return for 11 yards. He had to take a knee on another and one other went through the end zone for a touchback. For what it’s worth McKelvin is listed behind Spiller on the KR depth chart.

Tony Smith


4 – Who ‘s going to block out Clay Matthews?

Bill C.

CB: That task is going to fall to the two tackles as Matthews will switch sides frequently at his outside linebacker position. I’m expecting Buffalo to use their backs to chip on Matthews in passing situations and their tight ends to assist their tackles because Matthews is a monster. After last week’s leaky protection I think we’ll see more max protect.

5 – Hi Chris,

Could you explain the how & why players are listed as active or inactive for each game?

1) Why are teams only able to activate so many players?

2) Why not let teams dress the whole roster and use players as desired?

3) If a player is inactive for a game, does he still get paid that game check?

4) If he is still paid for that game, why not have him available for the team to use?



CB: There’s no other way to explain it than those are the league rules. A team can dress 46 players and a 3rd quarterback on game day. Yes, a player still gets a game check if he is inactive. I understand your point about how teams should have all roster players available, but those are the rules. Look for that to change if the league goes to an 18-game schedule.

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