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It’s about consistency

Posted by Chris Brown on September 19, 2010 – 9:19 pm

Talking to the players in Buffalo’s locker room after the loss to Green Bay the offensive players know what’s lacking.

“We played well at times and at times we didn’t,” said Fred Jackson. “I think we just need to be consistent. Everybody needs to be consistent and do their jobs, myself included. When it is time to make a play we need to step up and make a play.”

“We wanted to come in here and try to be physical and run the ball and I think we did so at times,” said Lee Evans. “We just didn’t play very well offensively to really give ourselves a chance. We wanted to do some things and try to switch things up.

“They did some things defensively and they made adjustments and we just didn’t execute our adjustments very well. That’s really the bottom line. We didn’t play very well together and never really put back to back drives together.”

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