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Lynch interview hi-lites

Posted by Chris Brown on September 22, 2010 – 9:48 am

Appearing on blogtalkradio Tuesday, here are some of the highlights from Marshawn Lynch’s interview.

Lynch took calls from fans during his appearance, which lasted almost 45 minutes. Naturally there were a lot of Packer fans telling him how they need him in Green Bay, and there were responses from Bills fans telling him how they want him to stay in Buffalo. Kind of a battling fan base type thing. Lynch was polite telling Packer fans he appreciated the support, but the Bills back made it clear that he plays for the Bills.

“Hey man I appreciate that,” said Lynch in response to one Packer fan that called in. “That’s good to hear from someone other than your home team fans. Just to know that I’m being appreciated around the league. But just to give you a heads up, stay true to your team.”

Lynch was also asked about the increased workload he got in the Green Bay game and when asked about how he takes being the starter offered the following.

“I’m just going to pay my respects to those two gentlemen that I’ve got on the side of me Fred and C.J.,” said Lynch. “We don’t take it as a starting role, we take it as the guy that gets in there and gets the game going. Them giving me the chance to get the game going felt pretty good.”

Lynch was also asked about the possibility of seeing a split backfield in Buffalo’s offense and the running back explained how he’s not a part of making those kinds of plans.

“Them decisions are not up to me, but I’ve been known to get on the field where I can help,” said Lynch. “Chan (Gailey) is a pretty savvy guy with the offense so hopefully he’s got that in the arsenal and he brings it out.”

Another caller asked if he and Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller have come up with a nickname for their trio, as Bills fans are apparently trying to come up with one of their own. Here was his answer to that question.

“21, 22 and 23,” he said.

Finally a young fan called and asked Lynch to finally beat the Patriots to end the Bills’ losing streak to the division rival.

“We’re going to push as a team to make that happen,” Lynch said. “We appreciate the loyalty of our fans. Stay loyal to us and it’ll change around.”

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