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Whitner: Laughing must stop

Posted by Chris Brown on September 22, 2010 – 3:17 pm

Bills strong safety Donte Whitner said the Green Bay Packers offensive players were laughing at the Bills in the fourth quarter of last week’s game. He also said there’s another AFC East opponent of theirs that has done the same in recent years.

“It happened last week,” said Whitner. “The Packers were laughing at us. Aaron Rodgers and a lot of those guys were laughing at us toward the end of the football game and that never feels good.”

When asked about the different kinds of losses at the hands of the Patriots over the years, Whitner said the New England players do the same thing.

“Yeah, by the end of the fourth quarter they’re laughing at us,” said Whitner of the Pats after last year’s Monday Night loss to New England. “It always happens. We can’t keep allowing that to happen. Guys go out there and they work too hard. When you don’t come out the way that you prepare all week and all offseason to come out then there’s obviously something wrong.”

As a follow up Whitner was asked if he thought playing sound football was what was most important in preventing that from happening again and turning the team’s fortunes around.

“We want to get things turned around, but at the same time it’s football teams with grown men laughing at other grown men on the football field,” he said. “That happened to us in the ball game last week and it happens every time we play New England. So we’ve got to stop that and we look forward to stopping that. We’re ready to beat New England and I know coach wants to go up there and beat New England. So we have an opportunity and what we do with that opportunity is up to us.”

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