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Fan Friday 9-24

Posted by Chris Brown on September 24, 2010 – 12:35 pm

New week, new QB in Fitzpatrick, new #2 WR in Parrish and RB by committee. We’ll see what happens. On to your questions, which as always can be sent to

1 – Hey Chris,
With our lackluster performance so far on offense, do you think it was wise to take C.J Spiller instead of a top left tackle? Brian Bulaga was still on the board when Buffalo picked 9th, and most of our problems on offense seem to stem from our O-line. Not trying to take anything away from Spiller but why draft an explosive running back if there’s no one to block for him?
Manchester, CT

CB: I understand and respect your frustration. As the Bills explained on draft weekend, they were not going to fill a positional need with a guy that they did not believe fit the value of where they were picking.

In their eyes there was not a tackle they felt was worthy of the 9th overall pick when they were on the clock. I believe if Okung or Trent Williams was still there there’s a good chance they would’ve taken them, but they weren’t.

They chose to take the best player on the board. Taking the best player on the board might not look as good when a team has as many holes as the Bills do, but as Buddy Nix said you can’t fill them all in one year.

In fact the Bills might not be able to fill them all by this time next year. And I realize that seeing Bryan Bulaga start at left tackle this week for Green Bay won’t make it any easier.

But I believe that the team’s GM and head coach know football and know how to put a winning program together. The most difficult thing for fans to face is that it will take time to fix the shape the roster is in right now from past mistakes.

2 – Do you see Buffalo going after Vick in this upcoming off season because with this team they are lucky if they win 2 games. I know that this team is high on character guys but they don’t get the job done. Last year Tony Dungy believed that Vick would wind up in buffalo after the one year deal that Philly gave him.

I was just wondering what your thoughts were as far as Vick goes because to me he looks pretty damn good even better than when he was in Atlanta. I believe that he would be a major upgrade to what we have now but of course for the Bills would have to actually spend some cash and not waste it on other players. I believe Vick has paid his dues and then some just wondering what you thought.                      
Tampa,FL   (former Lockportian, NY)

CB: While I believe there is value in having a mobile quarterback that can improvise when you’re trying to re-construct an offensive line into a consistent pass protecting unit, I’m not sure Vick is the kind of player that would be in their plans. I suppose anything is possible, but I believe that Buddy Nix will address positional holes through the draft.

3 – Chris,
I’m pretty sure every Bills fan is as frustrated as I am.  When is the team going to stop giving generic answers to questions held in press conferences and start correcting the problems we have?  The offensive line is 80% of our problem.  It has been blatantly obvious through the first 2 games.  I can’t even blame Trent anymore.  He literally has NO time to throw the ball.  Other teams get pressure on us even when they only rush 3 or 4 players.  Do you see us making a major move to get help in this area?  Is there anyone available?   


CB: There’s nothing on the open market at this stage of the game that would represent an upgrade on the offensive line. Granted, pass protection has been a major issue for this team’s offense for some time now. I believe one of the major reasons Chan Gailey made the switch to Ryan Fitzpatrick this week is because Fitz is more mobile and can get away from trouble and is good at improvising when a play breaks down. Hopefully the line comes together in the coming weeks.

4 – Hey Chris, I was wondering what the deal is with Alex Carrington I thought he was doing well in camp and I noticed he hasn’t even been active. Do you think he will play later in the season or is he turning out to be a bust?

Dan from western MA

CB: I actually asked coach Gailey what Carrington needs to do in the practice setting to get on the field more for his Bills Digest Q&A. Here was his answer.

He’s earned the right to contribute on Sundays. You’ve just got to deactivate seven players each week and the numbers get you because of special teams. The last two weeks we played teams that have us using nickel packages more and our outside backers are pass rushers and we don’t need as many down linemen.

Now against the Jets this week that may change because they’re more of a two back running team. It’s more of a week to week thing. He’s earned the right to play. It’s just the numbers catch us and we’ve got some more experienced players in those positions.


5 – Chris:

Do you think the Bills will make a trade before the trade deadline to get a quarterback, linebacker or offensive lineman?  I remember when the Bills made the blockbuster trade for Cornelius Bennet prior to the trade deadline.  That trade made a huge, long-term impact on the team.  We have Lynch, draft choices and probably most players (other than Spiller) that we could trade.  I believe that the Bills need to make a major move to give the fans hope, or this will be a very, very long season which will have devastatingly long term effects on the fan base.

John VonLangen
Anchorage, AK 

CB: I don’t see a quarterback coming in at this stage of the game. Brian Brohm is a perfect example of why it’s hard to bring a quarterback on board once the season is already underway. They not only are foreign to the offensive system, but they’ve never repped it in the practice setting. Brohm has talked about how difficult it was for him to catch up and feel comfortable with the Bills offensive system when he was signed to the Bills roster in Week 3 last year.

Even though he started at Atlanta in Week 16 last year he still had a reduced game plan because even at that point in time he had not yet mastered the offensive playbook, and should not have been expected to quite frankly.

As for a linebacker or an offensive lineman, there aren’t too many teams willing to part with capable starting caliber players unless you’re willing to offer one in return. You mentioned Lynch, but I believe he’s here for the duration of the season.

I think the front office is going to build this team methodically year to year and not with quick fixes once the season is underway unless there’s a rash of injuries at one position.

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